What is Golf?

Golf is a sport that uses balls called 14 clubs to put balls into holes called cups. We compete for the number of strokes (strokes) to enter, but the person who goes up a little wins.

Basically, golf has 18 golf courses called holes, and the person with the lower total score wins. Among them, especially those who can improve with a low score can be professional.

In Japan, there are exams to become a professional, but in the United States and other countries I have heard that you can become a professional just by declaring it. Of course, if there is no track record, it will not work.

As you may know, the world’s NO. It ’s called one player.

“Tiger Woods”.

Well, you can leave the story of the person above the cloud and put it in the cup anyway. However, it is difficult to put in that cup, this is …

It’s hard to go as expected.

If it works instead, it feels great! I think everyone is playing golf to enjoy this. Besides, there may be no sport that is so severe as to the equipment.

If the weight, balance, center of gravity position, distance, etc. are changed from metal and resin materials, the same material will be completely different. Actually these numbers are very detailed.

In other words, there are so many types, so you can find a club that suits your type. That ’s how I choose clubs. I think this is groundbreaking.

Of course, it is a sport in which arms are competed, so sense and effort are necessary. But I think golf is a sport that rewards steady efforts to continue practicing rather than sense.

Sense is also important at the professional level, but the amateur level will vary depending on your efforts.

However, no matter how much you practice in the practice area, you can’t go out of the course. There is a difference between actually hitting on artificial turf and hitting on real turf.

Because there are few opportunities to hit from the flat on the course. So you need to go to the course and get used to it.

And more than anything else, I don’t know how interesting golf is. I think that you will be able to experience the fun of golf only after you enter the course.

Therefore, it is recommended that those who start from now also take the course early. “Sports” is a sport that involves competing for scores with such a thing.

Did you really understand?

20 years since I was addicted to golf, there was nothing so crazy about me.

I would like to share my thoughts on golf that is so long in the calendar. I hope you can get to the end.

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