In this Golf Adventure Island, I will write my thoughts on golf with love.

What kind of sport is golf? Where are you from? What is a club?

How can you improve your score from basic stories for beginners? I want to make it a site that will be helpful to those who are doing.

In addition, I will write my feelings and experiences. I hope that people who have never done so far read this and think that they want to play golf.

It is better to have more golf friends

I met golf at a tournament broadcast on TV. At that time, three people named “N, O, A” were the main characters.

N is Tommy, Nakajima Tsuneyuki, O is Jumbo Ozaki, Ozaki Masashi, and A is World Aoki, Isao Aoki. Among them, Tsuneyuki Nakajima professional attracted my eyes.

Nakajima Pro at that time boasted unrivaled strength and looked shining. I can do such a great thing …

I often imitate swings and putters.

I used to put a ball in the house with a putter and practiced a guts pose.

Rather than admiring professional golfers, I admired Nakajima Pro and asked my parents to take me to the driving range. Then my golf life began.

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